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Zombie Survival is a multiplayer gamemode where survivors are fighting for their lives against zombies.

When the game begins, everyone starts out as a human. Try to not get picked for zombie, this happens when you are too close to the zombie spawn point. Zombie Spawn points are marked in green smoke, When the round starts you will take damage from the posion. Before the round starts someone needs an to buy a Arsenal Crate. When the round has begun and hopefully you're in a secure base to fight off the zombies! 


  • Smg: this is a basic weapon with low damage
  • FAMAS: similar to the smg
  • basic sniper: a slow fire-rate sniper with lower damage
  • Axe
  • Plank
  • Computer keyboard: ( this is found around the map)
  • knife
  • Stun stick
  • (more weapons requiring more points are bought at arsenal crates)


  • Arsenal crate: A purchaseable crate at the start of the game.  Used to buy weapons and ammo.  Must be placed before use.  Owner gets a small amount of points each time somone else buys something.
  • Ammo crate: will sometimes have ammo
  • Hammer: used to nail props to walls.  Can be used to nail some doors closed
  • Medikit:can be used for healing people.only gives them 15 hp%.if you heal your self it takes the medikit longer to recharge.

Please note:Edit

  • THE most asked question is "how do i get throught nailed down props?"  If you have not binded suit zoom under options, do it before joining a game!  This will let your character go through nailed-down props ONLY.  Be careful as it slows down your speed and lowers your gun(but you can reload).

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