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Zombie Survival is a multiplayer gamemode where survivors are fighting for their lives against zombies.

When the game begins, everyone starts out as a human.  You pick your weapons and tools for surviving.  When the first wave starts, whichever humans closest to zombie spawn (green smoke) become zombies. 


  • Smg: this is a basic weapon with low damage
  • FAMAS: similar to the smg
  • basic sniper: a slow fire-rate sniper with lower damage
  • Axe
  • Plank
  • Computer keyboard: ( this is found around the map)
  • knife
  • stunstick
  • (more weapons requiring more points are bought at arsenal crates)


  • Arsenal crate: A purchaseable crate at the start of the game.  Used to buy weapons and ammo.  Must be placed before use.  Owner gets a small amount of points each time somone else buys something.
  • Ammo crate: will sometimes have ammo
  • Hammer: used to nail props to walls.  Can be used to nail some doors closed
  • (many others)

Please note:Edit

  • THE most asked question is "how do i get throught nailed down props?"  If you have not binded suit zoom under options, do it before joining a game!  This will let your character go through nailed-down props ONLY.  Be careful as it slows down your speed and lowers your gun(but you can reload).

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