Yes, I am the real Garry!
Achievement yes i am the real garry




This achievement involves connecting to the same server as Garry Newman. This achievement is much known as a troll by Garry as he doesn't play Garry's Mod anymore.

On December 31, 2015, there was an exploit that made it possible for people to appear as Garry and give everyone on the server the 'Yes, I am the real Garry!' achievement. This was fixed in the 2016.01.18 update and the achievement become impossible again. However some people have claimed to have obtained the achievement even after Garry stopped playing AND after the bug was patched

Why it's nearly impossible for late comming players Edit

Garry no longer plays GMOD, can ya blame him?


Garry himself cannot get this achievement. #GarryCeption
Before the second achievement update, this achievement was named "Are you the real Garry?"
The achievement icon represents a cog, which implies "connection" to a server or "connection" to somebody.
Nobody knew just why in the 2015 update, did looking like Garry count as getting the achievement and why the achievement is still not cut from the achievement list despite Garry quit Garry's Mod.
There is only one possible way of getting the achievement now, and it is hacking.

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