"I am not Spy! I am XanderKage! I'm going to secure you!"

Oh God he secured the camera.

XanderKage is a Gmod Monster created by AdmiralTrainstorm. He is basically a Medic RED wearing the Bill's Hat and a Couvre Corner. His first appearance was "Captain Demoman goes to Junction and gets killed by that 6th Sentient guy, ya know?".

XanderKage's mission seems to be to "secure" possible threats. He accomplishes this by throwing them to the wall and administering a punch that apparently magnetizes them to the wall. It was recently discovered that even Private Funnyman fears his power, so it stands to reason that he is able to defeat almost any opponent. Being in that he doesn't use his power often and doesn't use it for combat however, his position of power among the monsters is comparatively low. Successfully outrunning XanderKage is considered an incredible achievement, as XanderKage is extremely quick on his feet. XanderKage is based off of the GameFAQs forum user of the same name. (Broken link)
Xanderkage 1

XanderKage about to engage the enemy

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