The Witch is one of the antagonists of the L4D franchise. She is one of the Special Infected. When someone startles her, the Witch will kill the one who startled her without hesistation.


The Hunter has a romantic relationship with the Witch. She and Hunter once are on a restaurant to eat Louis and watch a movie.

Her relationship with the Special Infecteds is complicated. The Witch has no remorse of pushing them into the hole like she pushed Hunter into it, throws Francis to Smoker and they both fall and rides a monster truck at Tank, pushing him into the hole.


Zoey tries to befriend the Witch but fails because of Francis which caused the Witch to attack Zoey.



  • One Witch known as Witchy is a devil and spends her time with Shadow Spyane.
  • Witch makes a cameo in Tasty Cools 7 Bangin' Like a Barbecue Bacon Burger
  • The Witch is singing when she's alone at the end of Meet The Witch.

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