Wheatley is a NPC from Portal 2. He is with Chell in the first half of the game and then betrays her. He is also known as the Intelligence Dampening Sphere. (Is a moron)


  • GLaDOS (In Portal 2)
  • Chell (End Half of Portal 2)

In GmodEdit

  • Nyan Core (Annoys him in The Wheatley Show)

Friends Edit

  • Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors (The Wheatley Show)
  • Burglar (The Wheatley Show)
  • BLU Soldier (The Wheatley Show)
  • Yellow Marine (The Wheatley Show)


  • Flight/Hovering
  • Hacking

Jobs in GmodEdit

Has his own talk show called The Wheatley Show.


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