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Weld Tool
W toolgun

Object Welder


The Weld Tool is a mode for the Tool Gun that allows to its user to stick a prop to another prop, wall, or entity. The tool has 2 modes:

  • The regular one, which is used by professional contraptionists.
  • The easy one


To select the Weld Tool, hold and press the menu key (which is Q by default), in the tool list select in 'CONSTRAINTS', "Weld" or "Weld - Easy". The game will automatically switch the tool gun, which is now in Weld Mode, in one of its 2 modes.

Abilities and useEdit

While both modes for this tool have the same function, they have different types of use.

Regular ModeEdit

To attach an object to another one, First select the object you want to weld. Then, select another object where

  • First select the object you want to weld
  • Then select another object which you want to weld the first one.
  • Rotate the first object to the position of your choice.


  • It cannot weld 2 objects together without having the objects colliding.
  • One of the 2 objects can be grabbed with the Physgun or the Gravity Gun, and both will be grabbed together

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