Vincent Maxwell, is a character who is a bounty hunter created by TheGmodGeneral in his Upcoming videos, Vincent can be described as a dark and dangeous looking figure, who tends to get angry very easily, but he loves his job and enjoys making money off killing criminals and other scum of the earth. He Normally specializes in Dual Wield Weaponry, such as his 2 pistols he carries with him, and he has shown love for Assault Weapons. First Video Featuring Him:


Vincent's birth date is unknown but he has 3 other brothers who are apart of his team, When he was very young, Chrisitan Brutal Sniper killed his parents and killed his youngest brother, who was the fifth brother aging 10 years old. Vincent and his brothers wondered from house to house for many years until he and his brothers aged 18 and over. They decided blood was their lifestyle and They formed a bounty hunting team, Vincent unfortunatly lost his right eye on his first hunt, but that never stopped him from becoming the best bounty hunter in the world.

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