―Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel is an actor in the real World. In GMOD he is a best friend of Coach. He is strong and use weapons against enemies. Vin is the deuteragonist of the The Adventures of Coach. His catchphrase is "fuck".


Coach is Vin Diesel's best friend. They both hang out in their adventures.

Shawn is Vin's friend.


Vin has many enemies. he shoots G-Man death in Coach Goes Camping. He kills the Punisher and Postal Dude in Vin Diesel War.

Vin's enemy is his brother.

Francis is Vin's enemy in Francis Dislike Coach. In Cheeseburger Apocalypse. He kicks the biker dude to death. In True Survivors Road Trip. Vin throws Francis off the plane after he killed Louis. The biker dude kills him with a shotgun as revenge.