Vagiwarship face

Vagiwarship face

Vagiwarship is a massive machine that provides sheltering and support to Vagineer and the other "Vagis" in battle against the other GMod Monsters. The creator was Szerbcommando In truth Vagiwarship is a monster same as the rest of them; he is possibly the biggest, and is so far the only Monster that can safely carry people, monsters and objects inside of it. He is incredibly powerful but not necessarily evil - his allies and enemies are determined by those of Vagineer.


  • He has just one ability, a big scream that is similar to the attack of Vagitoilet's rage-form, but instead of being confined to a room he creates a massive explosion in the air. While avoidable with effort or through use of speed/teleportation abilities, even the strongest monsters like Heavydile and Blockgineer can't block this massive explosion. They can certainly survive, of course, but it's impossible to hold one's ground against it. This also makes him effective against other powerful monsters like Snyphurr.
  • His massive and incredibly durable body gives him considerable defense against even Painis Vagicake.


  • The Vagiwarship's Bridge with RED and BLU Vagineers and a Scunt.
  • It could be clearly seen that the interiors of the ship is well designed and extremely colourful.

  • Engine
    The main anti-gravity thrusters of Vagiwarship which allows flight. Finding a way to disable this, if possible at all, could provide a precious moment of vulnerability as the cruiser will loose grounds and possibly crash into the ground.

  • The two entrances of Vagiwarship, Vagis could be easily launched out of the entrance to allow increased movement speed.

  • Generator
    This is the generator, which provides the energy to fly. The RED camera can also used to detect Spies too!

  • Heart
    This is the heart of the Vagiwarship a large super computer that is used to aid in control of the Vagiwarship. It also is the mind of the Vagiwarship, and also the most vulernable part of the ship, it could entirely disable the ship if the super computer is damaged.


  • His main body parts may indestructible outside and in, but his heart is very vulnerable. One well-placed explosion is enough to down Vagiwarship unless there is somebody inside of Vagiwarship to protect it.

Other InformationEdit

  • Painis Vagicake can mimic Vagiwarship's explosion, but not its invulnerability. This is because Vagiwarship's durability is a physical aspect, not an ability.
  • Whether Vagiwarship is vulnerable to the nigh-omnipotent Avatars is unknown, because neither have met.

Theme MusicEdit

Vagiwarship's theme music varies depending on if he's friendly to or hostile against a video's main character(s). If friendly, this music. If hostile, this music. This theme music is up for debate.

Whoever linked to the hostile music obviously didnt check to see if everyone could view it. Can we have an all-view video link please? -a wiki contributor

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