Vagitoilet is similar in appearance to Vagineer, but his abilities are considerably different. His creator is Szerbcommando.

Vagitoilet is a mutant, sentient toilet with a pitch black face. He attacks everbody who tries to use him. He shows his face if he suspects someone is near. He appeared in City 18 where he met and tried to kill Odessa, who managed to escape Vagitoilet's wrath. Now he lies in wait for more victims in City 18.


Vagitoilet's abilities work differently in his different phases:


Normal Vagitoilet


This is Vagitoilet's normal state. His ability is simply boomer bile spray, used to warn nearby people not to come near him. Those who wind up slimed take some 15 seconds to become unblinded.

Theme music for this form(up for debate): Here


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Rage Form is his second phase. If somebody attacks him or does not heed his bile warning, he becomes angry and gains a special attack: a powerful scream that explodes everything in the room. His rage form is red; his sister's is blue.

Theme music for this form(up for debate): Here.


Toiletvagi is Vagitoilet's older sister who resides in the same bathroom in a separate stall. Due to extensive mutation, she is permanently in Rage Form and can't transform back to normal. Toiletvagi and Vagitoilet are currently allies.

Her abilities are similar to her young brother, however, instead of explosions, she blasts acid onto her enemies. She is able to heal herself from any damage she takes. This ability may also be usable on her brother as well.

Relations with other MonstersEdit

Vagitoilet and Toiletvagi are on friendly terms with Vagineers and Painis Cupcake. Vagitoilet will teleport Painis Cupcake places that he cant reach on his own.

Aside from this, they hold hatred for most other GMod Monsters, possibly out of jealousy of abilities the others have that they do not. Christian Brutal Sniper is their worst enemy. If either of them find him, the two sets of monsters will stop at nothing to destroy him, aside from intervention by other Monsters or by an Avatar.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Immobile
  • Avoidable basic attack
  • Vulnerable to explosives-immune or very durable monsters (e.g. Blockgineer)

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