Creator DarkNovaClan
Release Date Released
Version 2.6
Requirements Garry's Mod
Notes Facepunch Release Thread


Ever wanted to take your buddy for a drive trough town? Or take a friend with you on a death defying obstacle course. Sick of that damn pod, wish you had more seat to build with...

VU-MOD is the answer!


VU- MOD has been outdated for awhile and

is now incompatible with most versions.

Unfortunately, no one has bothered to update it, so it is no longer working.

For Car makers and Coders Edit

VU-MOD allows you to add extra data to cars that allows you to add passenger seats to your car, adjust the spawn pos to stop your car from spawning in the ground, or define the animation players use in your car. Edit

What this can do Edit

  • Adds passenger support.
  • Seat trace for easy passenger access.
  • Add as many seats as you like to your car.
  • Rotate and Position Seats on your car.
  • Mod First and third person view.
  • Custom Exit Positions.
  • Add seats to vehicle on spawn.
  • Allow you to adjust the spawn pos and sitting pos for you car.
  • Change your animation for your car.
  • Features a small range of seats and chairs for your enjoyment.