Twitch Dismembering Captain Demoman

Twitch is a devil GMod Monster who appears as a RED Pyro with a Last Breath and Blazing Bull. Made by YouTube user honorcrocketts.

He is the archenemy of Karma Soldier.

AKA Twitchy.

Behavior and PersonalityEdit

Twitch is evil and wicked. A Pyro that appears and disappears from thin air. He does not speak in words but instead, he huffs and puffs. He could be the Deavil who the Demonic Man is trying to get TF2 souls to join and also his leader.


He is armed with multiple hidden blades. He also has throwing knives to attack from long distance even with his axe stuck in his head. He is invulnerable to back stabs, head shots, and stabs. He mauls his enemies with his blades when he finds his prey. He can also teleport. When he approaches his victim, everything turns black and white, and creepy music plays. Twitch is impervious to pain, meaning he doesn't even flinch in battle, but still takes physical damage like everyone else except, he is incapable of dying.


He can only find those who are fearful and evil, meaning he cannot sense any brave and rigeous presences.


Demonic man

Christian Brutal Sniper(Lord Degroot show)

Notable VideosEdit

By the creator of the FreakEdit

By the communityEdit

Medic's freaky Halloween (Cameo)

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