"Here's a touching story. Touching. The end."
Touching Story's typical vocalization
Touching Story is an infamous BLU Sniper TF2 Monster created by YouTube user Cheetah1251.

His theme song is No Age - Sorts .


Around ten years ago, Touching Story was originally a normal, non-combatant Sniper, simply referred to as the Librarian Sniper, since his real name has been lost with time. As his former name implied, he loved to read books, and even ran a local library by himself. He was also originally an ally of Dr. Uppengraden, and the doctor's daughter, Beatrix.

However, one day, a demonic female Engineer Freak, simply known as Silhouette, broke into the Sniper's library and proceed to attack him. Using her dark powers, she turned the formerly cheerful librarian into the demonic monster he is today.

Abilities & WeaknessesEdit

Touching Story is a "nonsense character", meaning that he attacks with whatever comes to mind and has no real straightforward abilities. Examples include pulling objects out of thin air(be it an inanimate object or an actual weapon, or, in rare cases, a human being), turning oneself into an object, firing objects out of a cannon(of sorts), etc.

He is also very strong, with even a single punch putting a victim into a coma. In addition, his is also very quick, as he is able to teleport and move just by standing still, emitting a loud groan every time he does so.

Despite his strength and agility, Touching Story is very easy to defeat. One hit will knock him out. The only problem is his intimidation, which make him look more durable than he actually is.


  • Touching Story is inspired by Stu Pidface, another TF2 Freak with similar personalities and abilities created by YouTube user LEtheCreator.


By the creator of the FreakEdit

By the communityEdit

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