The Tone Soldier is a Gmod monster created by . Tone Soldier has the ability to create a sine or sawtooth wave 440Hz tone, which can shrink, explode, or repel objects. He looks like an ordinary RED Soldier with no helmet. The original video is on Youtube and is called "Meet the Tone Soldier." If the Tone Soldier tones someone's head, the head shrinks beyond visibility and kills the person. Tone Soldier is also featured in another one of BloodWraith777's videos titleBloodWraith777d "Birthday", in which Tone Soldier attempts to tone the cake which is in the final scene of the video game Portal. His origin is explained in "Heavy Eats at a Random Cafe", in which he eats a Buffalo Steak Sandvich in order to gain his sound-based powers. So far, there are only 4 videos featuring Tone Soldier. The fourth video "Multiply a Weapon's Stats by 10" features a brief appearance of Tone Soldier when his head appears in the frying pan.

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