Why Edit

First of all let me be clear, you all suck, seriously. I got to this wiki by accident and I don't even remember how because this place is so cringy and shit-tier that I am outraged.

-This Wiki is not Objectively written: The point of a wiki is to deliver information about a game or topic, this wiki fails this miserably as 95% of all articles are written by drunk 9-year olds, who basically just speculate about things and make this entire website a library for youtube-tutorials.

-This Wiki is a clusterfuck of retarded (and I truly mean this, I have never seen such a braindead waste of time before in my entire life) and made up "G-mod "Monsters"" or whatever the fuck: As I said, this isn't even a wiki for GMOD, this is a 650 page library for fanfiction, which is btw just copy and paste and children screaming about the power level of their slightly deranged TF2 ragdolls, go die in a hole

-Some of these articles have just been bombed and noone gives a fuck, instead you continue to post about your my little pony fan character monsters which have nothing to do with GMOD and are all written with the worst register and informality

Fuck you for saying that, it's so mean Edit

I get where you're coming from, but listen, it would be better for all of humanity if this wiki was just deleted. I see no hope of ever turning this into an informative wiki (again? i'm not sure this ever was informative at all), even with more admins and stricter regulations

So fuck you for existing

But Anonymous user, why do you waste your time ranting? Edit

Because it helps me clear my rage, I surf the internet so much I can barely feel emotional anymore, but this motherfucking level 1 supernoob ragekid retarded website has given me so much cancer that I can't breathe anymore because my lungs are filled with tumors the size of rocks. You all should hang yourself for even keeping this open.

Trivia Edit

Sorry if you feel offended by my post, but look at this website with open eyes and tell me, do you see a place where people can gather useful information, or do you see an encyclopedia of youtubers' fanboys and fangirls, screaming at eachother about whose youtube-fictional character is cooler?

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