Basic infoEdit

The Sewer Medic is a GMod Monster that resides in the sewers of every CTF map in Team Fortress 2. He appears in the form of a BLU/RED Team Fortress 2 Medic with an abnormally large head. He walks on all fours and is extremely intolerant of people who enter his lair, whether they mean to or not.

It is unknown if there are multiple Sewer Medics, but his usual haunt is on Doublecross. It can be speculated that there are multiple, as the RED Sewer Medic seems be afraid of the BLU Sewer Medic's image, as if they were rivals.

Behavior and abilitiesEdit

The Sewer Medic, as stated above, is very territorial and xenophobic, and will not hesitate to attack intruders who dare enter any of his various lairs, and is destined enemy of Heavydile. He seemed very furious against Painis Cupcake when he was searching for preys in his sewer. However, he seems to not mind Democan hunting Spycrabs in the sewers of 2fort, probably because that means he wont have to deal with them himself.

Upon someone entering his sewer, the Sewer Medic will appear seemingly out of nowhere with an angry expression upon his face. He accosts the intruder with the phrase "Get away from my sewer!" If the intruder does not remove him or herself immediately, he will open his mouth and unleash a concentrated hypersonic scream that travels in a slight cone towards the target. The effects of this scream are deadly to living matter, causing the intruder to explode. Often the scream is so effective, all that is left of the intruder is a blood splatter. When the scream is directed towards the head, the head of the target enlarges before exploding.

The Sewer Medic can also use this ability in reverse, sucking objects towards his mouth. He uses this if someone enters his lair when he is hungry, sucking the victim into his mouth to eat. He may also use his mouth like a gravity gun, picking up objects and launching them at great velocity.

Commonly he destroys radios that are near his sewer because somewhat the interference annoys him, like in Christian Brutal Sniper: Dead Ringers

Faults and WeaknessEdit

  • The Sewer Medic becomes powerless when he is out of his sewer.
  • His vision is extremely sensitive to sunlight.
  • Ear protection renders Sewer Medic useless.
  • He is extremely weak to wonder weapons.
  • His hypersonic scream isn't very effective against Painis Cupcake.
  • When he encounters a sufficiently powerful monster, he rarely fights, instead choosing to flee. He can be easily killed while moving to another sewer.

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