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The Quirky Misadventures of Soldine the Cyborg (QMSC) is an ongoing series of Garry's Mod videos created by YouTuber SarisKhan. It started on 28th April 2011 and can be watched here.


QMSC is a mixed comedy/action series about the titular character, Soldine, a RED cybernetic soldier who fights with various other GMod Monsters. The series consists of numerous humouristic shorts with barely any continuity, and several longer mini-movies with a defined storyline.


Main castEdit


Supporting charactersEdit

  • Anuspyder
  • HECU
  • RED Engineer
  • RED Heavy
  • RED Scout
  • RED Sniper
  • The Whiskered Arsonist

Guest appearances

List of episodesEdit

Fruit (Episode 1)

Resident Soldine (Episode 2)

Soldine vs Vagineer (Episode 3)

Reconstruction (Episode 4)

Soldine vs Handsome Rogue (Episode 5)

Soldine vs Madic (Episode 6)

Necropolis (Episode 7)

Soldine vs Robosol (Episode 8)

Enemies of Old (Episode 9)

Operation: Vagineer (Episode 10)

The Vigilante (Episode 11)

Friend or Foe? (Episode 12)

Frost Fight (Episode 13)

Arctic Assault (Episode 14)

Endgame (Episode 15/Last Episode)

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