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The Necroborg Grunt is a Servent Grunt that is developed with cybernetic made metal. However, he is made by the youtube user andrewweeson. And his theme is

Disturbed - Intoxication


About billions of years ago, he starts off as a normal servent grunt. and his life seems idelic. but his life is about to be torn apart. However at the time when Daniel murdered the antagonist, Alexander. The Shadow is now gone and caused all the monsters to amputate. Also him. In the year 2000, scientists are starting to investigate the abandoned castle called Brenanburg Castle. As they still investigate for evidences that they can resieve, they started to see his amputated corpse. They brong his dead body back to the lab and took his DNA. Its unknown if it lasts forever or it still excists. And then they started to clone him. And after this, they fitted him with cybernetic enhancments made out of pure metal. However, something terrible has happened. The monster came to life and escaped. When the scientists need to see what happened. Stinking gases started to reak. And they then found out that he got out. In 2001, 2002, 2003 ,2004 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, ,2010, and 2011 he could not be found enywhere. Until now. In 2012 he is now seen in cp_gorge where its his home. And then, when Soldine killed every one of his guards. Including the Servent Grunt and The Suitor, he is encountered in the end of the video called Soldine vs The Necroborg Grunt Tennis Part 1.

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