The Mysterious Spy, is a new Gmod Monster created by TheGmodGeneral. And is going to appear in his videos.


The Mysterious Spy is a normal blu spy that has no facial expressions and no lip sync, yet you can still hear him speak. The Mysterious Spy is a psychotic murderer, similar to Christian Brutal Sniper, Execpt the Mysterious spy gets cleaner kills.


Most think the mysterious spy is a robot, he isnt. he is the result of a failed experiment by Doc Jarate. It all started out when a normal blu spy was captured by Doc Jarate's henchmen and the spy was thrown into a test chamber and injected with Genetic Mutations, the mutations changed his body and fused the spy's mouth shut, after the Genetic Mutations were injected, his vocal cords were replaced with a robotic one. Doc Jarate then outcasted the spy, and the blu spy went insane. He began using his spy skills to murder anything he sees, but it has been proven he cannot kill Christian Brutal Sniper. He has also known to speak in his native language using the replaced vocal cords, making what he is saying impossible to tell.


Super Speed: Allows the spy to move very quickly across areas, this is mostly used to get away from enemies

Knife Launch: He Launches a knife from under his suit sleeves that fly very fast at a target, often killing them with one blow.

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