The Entertainer is known to entertain both RED and BLU teams. And used to be a RED Engineer before the rise of the Vagineer race. He is a RED Vagineer That wears the Special Eyes.

The Entertainer's theme song is Shoop

Personality Edit

Entertainer acts like someone who tricks people into his dangerous traps, if those people are Abusive.

but what he does first is entertain a good person.

When he sees just another TF2 Freak
"!ysea saw tath ,lleH"
He could just then have a fight with him/her.

Origin Edit

He was originally a normal RED Engineer who had a another Engineer as his best friend, the two always worked together like brothers. The team was greatful to have two engineers. His best friend went to the Enemy Base alone then tried to capture the intelligence as he turned out to be killed by a Sniper, normal Entertainer heard the gunshot as he ran with the Heavy and Medic to the enemy base. As he saw his best friend's dead body lying on the ground with blood soaking from his head, normal Entertainer cried out as he had become depressed for the death of his friend. He then wanted to kill the one who murdered his best friend, After many weeks of war.

Entertainer still depressed then is found lying besides the intelligence looking at his friend's photo, Later he found an Engineer who had a mouth in a vulvic shape. "!sU nioJ" he said, as he pulled out his pistol before the strange engineer (Vagineer) smacked his face with it's hand. Entertainer kneeled to the ground as he was forgetting his language (thus learning vaginese) as the Vagineer told him that they are the same species and there are many more like them, He wants to rule the world by creating an army of Vagineers. Entertainer has been born, as he thanked the Original Vagineer by making him far stronger.