"Makin' Bacon!"
―Badass Engineer, acting like a badass

Bad Ass Engineer is a RED Engineer GMod freak that has the character and personality of Duke Nukem. He was created by retired YouTube user Taxattack123.

He appears as a RED Engineer with a RED coloured shirt, a mechanical arm called a Gunslinger, a Tomb Wrapper, a Soldier's Stogie, a Heavy Duty Rag and a welding mask called a Hotrod.

Personality and behaviorEdit

Just like Duke Nukem, Badass Engineer is strictly stubborn sometimes and refuses, violently, to allow anyone to come near its buildings or him. After dominating his enemies he will say the following "Makin' Bacon!"

Badass Engineer is just like Duke Nukem, very unpleasant to annoyances, very cruel sometimes, especially to his enemies.


Badass Engineer uses a specially modified Shotgun, an armor piercing Big Kill, and a heavy duty Wrench to do massive damage. He also has greater strength than a normal Engineer, which makes him harder to fight than other ones.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

He hasn't shown to have any weaknesses that can be told, from his lack of debuts.


  • Badass Engineer was also seen as a BLU Engineer.
  • Badass Engineer was made a boss in the VS. Saxton Hale gamemode Freak Fortress 2 and was switched to a Engineer model with a totally different appearence to make him look like a badass.
  • The original maker deleted his acccount and the video was reuploaded.
  • Badass Engineer is the fist TF2 freak based off Duke Nukem (before Badass Soldier).
  • The model of his modern look can be found here

Notable VideosEdit



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