The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage Chapter 1

The cover for the first chapter of The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage

The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage is an action-adventure comic created by Mythos set in the Half-Life universe. It follows the story of Hercule Cubbage, an original character and the non-canonical son of Half-Life 2 character Odessa Cubbage, who comes out of a self-imposed exile after a case of mistaken identity concerning his father. The first issue was released on Facepunch and other forums on September 1st, 2012.

Concurrent to the game's story from the events of the chapter Water Hazard onwards, The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage works as a side-story to the original storyline, initially exploring the aftermath of Dr. Gordon Freeman's actions. A recurring gag is Hercule's mistaken belief in his father, having grown up hearing stories of Odessa Cubbage's heroism, and introducing himself proudly as his son, unaware that Odessa is little more than a royal coward and of little importance to the efforts of the Resistance.


The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage is split into chapters, in a similar style to Half-Life 2. The first chapter is titled "The Prodigal Son" and is available on Mythos' blog Metrocop and in the Facepunch forums.
Hercule cubbage page 2

Sample page from the first chapter of the series

Chapter One: The Prodigal SonEdit

The series begins with Hercule Cubbage living in City Seventeen, around the time Doctor Freeman was traversing the canals with the airboat. Hercule's narration explains how he was formerly a Rebel acting under his father's orders until he deserted, feeling he could not live up to the (false) "reputation" of the name Cubbage.

Upon the Breencast on the "One Free Man", referring to Dr. Freeman but misinterpreted as a reference to Odessa Cubbage, Hercule sets out to return to his father's base in the Coast, just as a CP raid forces him to confront some Civil Protection officers. Hercule effortlessly beats them down and continues onwards to the City 17 train station.

Going through the exact same route Gordon Freeman took after the teleportation mishap, Hercule notices the suspicious circumstances, from an open path to the corpses spread throughout. After evading Civil Protection reinforcements in the train tracks, Hercule reaches the Resistance lookout at the boxcar, meeting the same man and Vortigaunt Freeman met earlier, who have no idea who Odessa Cubbage is but let him through, warning him of the dangers of the day.

Upon reaching the nearby station, Hercule finds everyone, from refugees to CP cops, dead - or so he thinks, until someone sneaks up on him and holds him at gunpoint.


The first chapter was well-received by the Facepunch community, receiving over 40 "Winner" tags at its thread. Notorious community member Bloocobalt compared it favorably to famous webcomic Concerned, "but with a different spin", whereas famous comic creator madmanmad called it "awesome".

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