Team ZOM

Team ZOM (Zombified Omnicidal Maniacs) is a squad of 5 zombified BLU mercenaries: Heavy, Pyro, Scout, Sniper and Spy. It was created by YouTuber SarisKhan. It's theme is Half-Life - Adrenaline Horror

They appeared as BLU teamed members with hexed zombie skins.


As a team ZOM were slightly more than a normal group of experienced mercenaries, with increased strength and durability that comes with zombification.

  • ZomHeavy - the most powerful member of the team, very strong and tough melee fighter. He threw a bus with little effort and sent Soldine flying with a single punch.
  • ZomPyro - armed with a customised Flamethrower and Flaregun. Very deadly at low-to-mid range and capable of deflecting most of incoming projectiles.
  • ZomScout - fast and agile, capable of evading gunfire. Armed with a Nailgun.
  • ZomSniper - expert marksman utilising heavy Anti-Tank rifle. During the Battle of Necropolis he shot down a helicopter, destroyed an ATV and shot off Soldine's right arm.
  • ZomSpy - discreet assassin armed with a silenced pistol and stealth device.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

As mentioned before, ZOM were slightly more than a group of human mercenaries. Despite their arsenal, experience and enhanced abilities they were merely low-tier GMod Monsters. Even HECU troopers were able to hold their own against them.

  • ZomHeavy - unarmed and as such vulnerable to ranged opponents.
  • ZomPyro - overconfident and prone to straightforward attacks. Vulnerable to enemies capable of outwitting him.
  • ZomScout - fragile in comparison to the other members of the team.
  • ZomSniper - almost defenseless when faced with immediate threat.
  • ZomSpy - arrogant and cocky, often stops to insult his fallen opponents even when their comrades are nearby.

Notable VideosEdit

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