Team killer by nomnom09-d516jqo

Team Killer dragging his dead victim after the kill

Team Killer is a Freak created by Lemurfot, who based it on many other real psycopath movies like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface and Michael Myers. He is also has a nickname "Rave Killer" due his killing of others at dance clubs.


He used to be a normal Scout with a family, one day a group of RED team members attacked him and his daughter who was killed. He sought revenge by attacking anyone wearing RED, hoping to get revenge on the thugs. It isn't clear why the RED members attacked him even though Team Killer was not a blue Scout.

Team Killer05:44

Team Killer

First appearance

Team Killer 213:32

Team Killer 2

...and its sequel

Team Killer 316:17

Team Killer 3

Second Sequel

Rave Killer (read desc)11:44

Rave Killer (read desc)

Sequel by nomnom09, gmodAZ09 on YouTube

Team Killer - The Sad Beginning05:04

Team Killer - The Sad Beginning

Origins of Team Killer (Tragic video)

Infromation and DownloadsEdit

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