Team BOT is a group of mechanically altered TF2 classes, each with their own functions, powers & faults

They were created by Gmod wiki user Dinner111


  • Robogineer: not to be confused with Robot Engie, the Robogineer's main function is to guard the main HQ, which he can easily do thanks to his strength & power.
  • Robospy: his main function is pollution control. He is equipped with 2 hands that he can turn into miniature sawblades whenever the situation calls for.
  • Skipar: Skiper's main function is as a floating sentry gun. He is a Sniper who was modified to float around in midair & equipped with a multi-funtion semi-automatic sniper rifle which does massive damage to far away enemies at the cost of doing little damage to up-close ones.
  • Steel rage heavy: the mighty enforcer of the team & the only member whose more powerful than Robogineer.
  • Soldrill: a soldier with weapons in place of some of his body parts. This is because before the transformation, he was caught in an unspeakable accident.
  • Mebort: the leader of the whole operation who built the team(& his new body)after a run-in with a certain soldier.

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