The Tank is the strongest Special Infected and one of the antagonists of the Left 4 Dead franchise. He is powerful and won't stop untill all survivors are dead. Three Tanks killed Bill during The Sacrifrice in respective stories.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Tank is the strongest of the Special Infected. He can beat up survivors with his strength. The Tank can throw cars and rocks at the survivors if they are far from him. He is capable of destroying a bridge.


The Hunter is friends with the Tank. They both like beers. when Francis speaks in Spanish, the Hunter tells the Tank that Francis called him dictionary which angers him. He once helped the Hunter capture Coach so that he could hold the latter a prisoner for 5 months. They can discuss the fight between L4D survivors and L4D2 survivors.


Francis is the Tank's victim. When Francis speaks in Spanish, the Tank thinks the biker dude called him a dictionary and gets angered into kill him, but often fails and becomes the victim himself.

Heavy is Tank's enemy. They hate and fight each other. They both are strong and powerful.

Charger is Tank's rival. They hate and fight each other. Charger uses Tank as a bowling ball to the survivors. They fight in a death match and Tank kills Charger with a stick.

Rochelle is the terror of the Infecteds. The Tank tries to scare her but she kicks his balls


Coach is either a foe or a friend to Tank. He tries to eat a cheeseburger but the cheeseburger Apocalypse kills him. L4D2 Tank and Coach are overseeing the deathmatch between original L4D Tank and Charger

Faults and WeakenessesEdit

The main weakness of the Tank is fire. It slows him down untill he dies. Louis can beat him up to death while he believes Tank stole his pills.



  • Tank makes a cameo in Adventures of Ellis.
  • Tank appears in three episodes of Adventures of Coach.
  • There are three versions of Tank in Gmod. L4D Tank, L4D2 Tank and the Sacrifice Tank.
  • in some videos there is Clown Tank appearing.

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