The Good Captain (otherwise referred to as just "The Captain" or on police records as "the dockside rapist" but ultimately has no real name) is an old english sea captain and is the oldest gmod character to still be alive.

"crisp winds, tide in our favour. pull hard to port lets roll this bitch"

He rules the seas of Garry's Mod and blows up and rapes anything that stands in his path. Most importantly, The Good Captain must never be within 8 miles of children which is why he remains at sea.

He debuted as a persona made up for the naval play gamemode in gmod and much like a real experienced seaman (lol, semen), acts very disgusting and horrible with plenty of unpleasant stories to share such as drinking toilet water at sea and cabin boy apprentices "returning to land as men". this persona tends to piss off naval play players and admins who dont get the gimmick, resulting in a ban because most of them are constantly on edge and get bullied in school.

when not at sea, the captain lives at gm_shipbuild_v2 where he was conceived in his father's pub.

behaviour Edit

the captain speaks in a west country accent with a G major voice and will word things strangely in a way that is maritime related as possible. he is drunk most of the time except at sea but even then he still acts like an asshole. by default, his face is an eerie evil grin but does not necessarily mean he is happy. he also acts as if its the year 1890.

when around people, the good captain will constantly bring up disturbing stories that kill the moment and is ultimately trying to get across the message that nobody is as prepared to man up for the horrors of being at sea as he is.

ships Edit

the captain has captained a long line of ships of every kind including:
20160621124921 1

the captain having an important phone call to the engine room, discussing how he will seal the doors and flood them if they dont "get groovin"

  • submarines
  • warships
  • battleships
  • fishing boats
  • cargo vessels
  • dredging barges
  • tugboats
  • other experiment naval war machines

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