The player THEOBVIOUSTROLL is a Gmod player and can be found on random servers, but he is particularly found of "Trouble in Terrorist Town" servers. He is a low level troll and when playing TTT servers as a detective he may randomly become bored and start killing those who he suspects is a traitor, even if no one else thinks that person is a traitor.


He is not a very expirenced builder and will often simply modify the jeep to have turrets and sawblades attached to the front so he can run various npc's over and shoot them at the same time.

Dealing with himEdit

often he will play seriously, especially on TTT servers but if he isnt (for example shooting randoms) kicking him will keep him away longer then banning him, because if he is banned after the time is up he will come back for revenge, if he is kicked however he will find another server that he will enjoy more and when he returns to your server chances are he may play seriously. At the present time he either dosn't have a microphone or dosn't use it because he dosn't seem to scream aimlessly into the chat like some other (idiotic) players do. but if he does, you should probably mute him before he says anything insulting.

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