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W stunstick
  • 40 (when weld by players)
  • 10 to 20 (when weld by NPCs)
Magazine Size


Fire Mode




Used by

Players, Citizens, Metrocops and Barney

Reload Time



The Stunstick, also known as Stunbat, is a melee weapon. It has a slower swinging speed than the Crowbar but deals more damage.

Abilities and useEdit

The Stunstick is easy to use, hit the primary attack (which is MOUSE1 by default) to swing.


The Stunstick is more powerful than the Crowbar against humanoid NPCs, but its slow swinging speed makes it not an ideal weapon against fast targets. The Hit and Run technique can be used with this weapon.


  • This weapon is not spawned by default with players, in order to acquire it an NPC with one must be killed. (Easy method)
  • Another way to get it without killing NPCs would be to use the Impulse 101 cheat, but having cheats on in a session disables achievements. Using "give weapon_stunstick" in the developer console is another option.


  • When held by hostile NPCs it can be fatal without full armor.
  • When held by friendly NPCs it does a little damage, so instead they should have more powerful weapons.


  • The Stunstick has no lightning effect when a player swings it.
  • This weapon appears in Half-Life 2 as a battery for the HEV Suit and as a usable weapon in Half-Life 2: Deathmatch.
  • If this weapon is spawned with other NPCs than the ones which are scripted to use them, they will not use it and go into reference poses, when approched they will go into the animation and do nothing to the player.