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Creator aVoN
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Version SVN
Notes SVN User/Pass: anonsvn (if that doesn't work try anon for both)

A Stargate pack created by Avon, containing weaponry, stools, and, of course, the Stargate.It is fully compatible with Wiremod, allowing for Asgard teleporters, remote Iris control, and whatnot. It is currently at version 44, with 45 in progress. In addition to the SENTs, STOOLs and SWEPS, a special code is included that places the Stargates and Ring teleporters in certain maps automaticly, like gm_construct.

Entities Edit

There are a variety of entities that come with the Stargate pack, for example, the Stargate, Asgard teleporters,Ring Platforms ect.

Stargate Edit

The Stargate is a device created by the Ancients to allow them to traverse across the Milky Way, Pegasus, and other galaxies instantly. In the pack, the Stargates are both Milky Way and Pegasus versions. However, there are also other versions of the gate available as well outside the pack and available for download at These gates include the Ori gate, Tolianna gate, and the gate from the current stargate series Stargate Universe. (Milky Way gate is grey with orange lit chevrons, Pegasus gate is grey and blue with blue lit chevrons, and Universe gate is greyish white with white lit chevrons) They can be dialed by pressing the 'Use' key while facing them, or through a DHD. Then activated, an unstable vortex is ejected, called the 'Kawhoosh' effect. This will vaporize anything in contact, except effects, in other words it will kill you instantly. When stepping through, you will be instantly teleported to the corresponding Stargate.

Milky Way (left) and Pegasus (right) DHDs
GenOneill772Added by GenOneill772

The DHD (Dial Home Device) allows the player to dial the stargate, if not walking up to the gate and pressing E. The DHD can be used two ways for dialing. One would be to individally press each symbol in the gates adress by pressing E wile the cursor is over eah one, or to hit E over the dome in the middle of the DHD to bring up the dialing menu. The DHD comes with Avon's pack, but just as the stargate, there are other models available at the two DHDs that are included in the pack are the Milky Way DHD and Pegasus DHD. (Milky Way being grey with an orange dome, and Pegasus being black with a blue dome.

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