Starescout is a Gmod monster created by YouTube user Sp4zzm4tica


Starescout is a BLU Scout with a desire to stare into peoples souls and kill them instantly.There are several characteristics that make him a GMOD monster.

Under the presence of a Starescout, when the camera comes into vision with the Starescout, the camera will start to static like it was from an old movie, and when the victim is being chased down by the Starescout, a theme called Left 4 Dead 2 Soundtrack - 'Horde' will start playing until the Starescout catches up with its victim,(mostly into a corner or a wall) and gaze at the victim until he/she dies of it. Upon the victims death by Starescouts gaze, a music soundtrack called Left4Death (From Left 4 Dead 2)

Starescout is known to have big buldgy eyes, a small head, and a tall neck similar to the one featured in Nope.avi.


Starescout has a combination of Scout and Staregineer character abilities:

  • Can double jump.
  • Can kill people with one look in the eye.
  • Immune to gazes that kill, for example, Snyphurr's stone gaze.
  • Quick speeds make Starescout able to pounce on his target and force him/her to stare into his eyes, once you are pounced on, you cannot escape.
  • Upon eye contact with a Sentry, it is instantly destroyed and blows up.
  • Can hypnotize engineers.
  • He has offscreen teleportation,sililar to Staregineer.
  • In 1 occasion,the Starescout have been seen to be able to speak Vaginese.


  • The Starescout has low intelligence, leaving Intelligent Heavy superior to Starescout.
  • Cannot hypnotize Vagineer.
  • Cannot be Übercharged by a Medic.
  • Cannot kill people with eye protection, like Engineers, Snipers, and Pyros. Since Demoman has only one eye covered, he can still be a victim of Starescout's killer stare.




First Appearence

Bonk Boy

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