Staregineer by megaman196-d4pn60t
Staregineer (Other variants of names are Stareneer or Starengineer. Not to be confused with StarEngineer.) is an unsettling goggleless Engineer. He causes psychological trauma through his soulless stare. It was created by Menzel1337.


Staregineer claims another victim01:37

Staregineer claims another victim

Staregineer resembles a TF2 RED Engineer, but without the goggles, and soul-peircing eyes.


Vagistaregineer is one of the most intelligent, dangerous and rarest types of Vagineer. Strangely, it is also the most friendly, having a desire to help others. It resembles a Vagineer, but with Staregineer's staring eyes.

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