His Face Scares even me.

StarEngineer (not to be confused with Staregineer) is a character created by 69Starmix96. It is an Engineer whose limbs are stretched to make him look like a star. He is capable of using a powerful stare to turn his victims into random objects. His attack theme is Wario and Mario-Wario's Mansion


  • StarEngineer uses an insane stare to turn victims into random objects.
  • Becomes StoreEngineer when given shopkeeper responsibilities.
  • Also becomes SparEngineer when weilding a sword.

Faults and WeaknessEdit

StarEngineer isn't invincible, and he isn't defenseless. StarEngineer's stare can only affect one target at a time and he cannot spam his ability. If he transforms the wrong target, the victim will try to retaliate. If defeated, his victims return to normal, but it doesn't always happen like that. Sometimes they are formed into hybrids a cross between man and prop this happened when Rappy defeated him and Sniper (who was turned into a duck) only regained his head.


Videos made by the community

Heavy and Engineer's Magical Adventure-Ep.5

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