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Arena lumberyard0002


Date created


First appearance

Intelligent Heavy's Quality Time With Spyper




Gene-splicing experiment


Neutral Good



Fighting style

Melee, long range

  • Dual wielding Kukris
  • Teleportation
  • Rifle Use
  • Backstabbing



World Traveler

Spyper is a GMod Monster, and a friend of Intelligent Heavy, both created by minifett. His theme music is unknown.
"Well, off to that van I call home!"
Spyper, before flying away

Spyper is not strictly a Monster, but is grouped with them regardless due to some of his traits as an effort to help avoid confusion. As mentioned earlier he is friends with Intelligent Heavy. Spyper has a pet which is a Headcrab wearing the Engineer's goggles and hat.

He appears as a BLU Sniper with a BLU Spy's head.


The Spy was found, broken and mangled. The BLU team caused a lot of damage to him, but he managed to crunk his way back to the Engineer, believing he'd know how to fix him. However, the Engineer had other plans: he was going to create the ultimate assassin. His second subject, the Sniper, came and, possibly thinking the only way to save Spy from this terrible state is to put him out of his misery, or possibly by order of Engineer, ended the Spy's life with one quick slash of his fireaxe. And then they began to fuse, slowly becoming what is now known as the Spyper.


Spyper has the capabilities of both the Sniper and the Spy:

  • Invisibility
  • Disguise
  • Backstab
  • Rifle use
  • Jarate
  • Efficiency
  • Has a plan to kill everyone he meets

He can change between using Spy's or Sniper's voice clips at any time by cracking his neck. This will often happen involuntarily, although he can voluntarily switch back right afterwards.


  • Good day to you, mate!
  • No worries, mate!
  • Well, off to that van I call home!
  • Thanks fer standin' still (crack) my dear friend.
  • Gentlewankers?
  • May I make a suggestion? (crack) Wave goobye to yer head, wanker!
  • You are all (crack) bloody useless!
  • Stupid bloody (crack) fat man!
  • Ooh Soldier, who will they find to replace you? (crack) This is as good as you're gonna do.
  • How's that bullet feel? (crack) Does it hurt? It does, doesn't it?
  • I'll see you in hell (crack) ya creepy mutant!
  • I'll be seeeeeeing you... (crack) piker!
  • You've killed by the best (crack) you drunken wretch!
  • Not so smart with yer brain outside yer head, are ya, (crack) my dead, illiterate friend?
  • Weren't you supposed to be good at dodging? (crack) I, WIN! You spastic little gremlin!
  • Spyping's a good job, mate!

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Spyper doesn't really have much of anything in the form of durability- or resistance-boosting abilities, so his physical defenses are much like a human's.
  • Spyper also can't team kill, making him incapable of killing BLU monsters.


the Origins of the Spyer
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Intelligent Heavy's Quality Time With Spyper(00:42)
Spyer's First appearance
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