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The Spy is one of the 9 playable charicters in Team Fortress 2. He is the best for being sneaky and the best backstabber.


There are a lot of things with the Spy in GMOD, but here we have examples on RED and BLU:

RED SpyEdit

  • Father of BLU Scout
  • Husband of Scout's mother
  • Onced used cocaine drugs and though the G-Man was a BLU Spy
  • Enemy of the BLU Sniper because he is a easy target
  • Enemy of the BLU Pyro because the Pyro is good at Spychecking

BLU SpyEdit

  • Fools RED Team as a RED Spy
  • Enemy of RED Spy because he is an easy target
  • Enemy of RED Pyro because the Pyro is good at Spychecking
  • In Karma Soldier episode " The Denomic Man" he got burned by a YELLOW Pyro

Yellow SpyEdit

  • Leader of the Yellow Team.
  • Wants to kill BLU Heavy, but fails.



  • In some videos some RED Spies and BLU Spies hang out each other like drinking tea and dislike Sniper's song.
  • BLU Spies known as the Summer Hat Brothers are the main antagonists of Spy is a Troublemaker and Very Unusual Troubles.
  • BLU Spy is the main antagonist in Not so Magical Events.
  • RED Spy is the main protagonist in Unusual Troubles, Very Unusual Troubles and Extremely Unusual Troubles