―The Spoy's language

Spoys are Spies whose mouths are slightly extended and malformed. They are known for the "Snf" sound they constantly emit. Spoys are classified as minor GMod Monsters due to their unusual appearance and their strange abilities.


Spoys are identical to regular TF2 Spies, aside from the fact that their mouths are distended and misshapen, appearing to hold their cigarettes with just the tip of their lips. According to the creator, as posted on his strictly music channel, Spoys are Spies trying to be "as cool" as his original character, Yonk.


Spoys are not very powerful when compared to other Monsters when in a normal state. Their only attack is whacking the enemy with their cigarettes, which they can do rapidly but it is still not considerably dangerous. However, when angered or frightened they can build a high amount of energy in their bodies and fire an extremely powerful beam directly from their rear ends.


  • Mirrors. Spoys have a tendency to be territorial with other Spoys, so seeing another gets it to stop to stare it down in an attempt to scare it. Of course being a mirror it will only leave if it scares itself. Mirrors can also deflect their butt beams.


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