Basic InfoEdit

Sphai is a rival of Snyphurr, thus being similarly deformed. He appears as the legs of a RED Spy flattened and bent backwards, and can levitate. He speaks reversed dialogue of his respective Team Fortress 2 class. He appears first in Snyphurr 4, then in Snyphurr 5, and most recently, Snyphurr 5: Secrets revealed. In the latter, Sphai is reverted back into a normal RED Spy along with his Vagineer teammate by Doc Jarate.

He was created by the retired YouTube user SmartNoob89.


Sphai's face

Sphai's face

Sphai can teleport his victims into an unknown location (alternate dimension, far away location?) with his stare, which is a ghostly Spy's head beneath his feet. Victims are capable of returning through a shimering portal, but this is very dificult. Even a powerful BLU Vagineer had a hard time doing so. An alternate attack is to simply ram himself into his victim. When he does this, he sends the victim flying and a crowd cheering noise is heard. He is also immune to Snyphurr's stone gaze, in which he reflects or negates. Sphai is summoned by a RED Vagineer like Snyphurr, although instead of blowing the bugle from his mouth, it's from his butt. The existence of Sphai may also reveal Snyphurred versions of other TF2 characters...

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