Spengineer on the roof of Control point B

Spengineer is a combination charecter much like Spyper. He is a combination of a Spy and Engineer. He can also jump from building to building.


Spengineer originated from the video of TheHerbalisti named Meet the Spengineer. The Spengineer has saved a life of a Red Spy in the video, proving that he is not a true monster like Vagineer.

The 7 Soilders

The 7 soldiers holding the red spy hostage.

Ability's Edit

  • Fronteir justice blast.
  • Knife claws.
  • (Possiblility) Cloak
  • (Possiblility) Builds buildings.

Personality Edit

Spengineer dancing

Spengineer dancing to Barbra Streisland.

Spengineer is powerful but he is also nice at some times. He is seen dancing to the song "Barbra streisland" in the video Spengi Streisland. He also seen in the video Skeptical spengineer where he is also dancing to monster hunter music.

Origin Edit

Currently unknown.

Links Edit

Meet the spengineer [1] Spengi Streisand [2] Skeptical Spengineer [3] 1. Bio

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