Spencer PootisEdit


Spencer Pootis with Carroux, a Medic

Spencer Pootis is a RED Heavy TF2 Monster popluarized by Courroux29.


Spencer Pootis resembles a Heavy with Steaks on his chest and a Dakloh's Bar above his belt, with a scrunched face and the (slightly annoying) ability to repeatetly say "POOTIS" when he is performing an action.


Spencer Pootis (much like CBS) carries a multitude of bladed weapons, such as Bushwackas or Amputators. The only difference between Pootis and CBS is that he is territorial, only attacking when provoked with harm or Sandviches (or an attack on a friendly character).


Much like Painis Cupcake, Pootis can travel very fast while making a distinct sound (POOTIS).Pootis also possesses superhuman strength and weapons mastery. While he is super strong, Pootis has a very strict one-track mind, only thinking about Sandviches or ripping an enemy apart. Pootis' form is activated when the Cleaver Hat is attatched to his head, which will also cause his eyes to cross and his brain to lower IQ significantly.

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