"Hey, Spacesuit!"

"That's Space MAN to you, fucko"

-Space Man to some guy who didn't know any better.

Space Man is known to be sort of an asshole, in scientific terms. He likes shooting people and using vulgarities, even to the point where he will say things such as, "I want to shoot you so bad, my dick's hard." When confronted about his rude behavior, he responded with "Fuck you, I'm not rude." He does not take his helmet off, at least, not around too many other people and flies a rocket ship. Which is fitting. Because he wears a space suit. 

His space suit is that of a Mercury Astronaut. Space Man enjoys taking selfies, but just with hopes that someone will call him a fag on facebook so he can have an excuse to fight. He also once heard someone use the word "haters", and responded by shooting him, "In his fucking face", as Space Man puts it. 

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