Soljah is a beta BLU Soldier TF2 Monster created by SarisKhan. He is an extremely erratic and weird beta-style BLU Soldier and a rival of RED Schniper.

He has been described as "the unholy union of Schniper and what Soldine was originally going to be".

Behaviour and PersonalityEdit

Soljah's behaviour may be best described as bizarre, unpredictable and totally random. He moves in a way reminescent of Painis Cupcake, complete with sickening sounds of breaking bones. However, rather than simply crawling he adopts numerous odd poses while walking. Moreover, he appears to be constantly cheerful, whatever happens to him.


Soljah's abilities are based on awkwardness. So far, he has been seen to regrow his head after being sniped and utilising a crotch-mounted Original.


  • Soljah does not appear to be a fighting-type Monster and due to his obliviousness he is vulnerable to relentless and hostile Monsters like Christian Brutal Sniper or Vagineer.


By the creator of the FreakEdit

By the communityEdit

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