Solgineer is yet another monster created in the physics sandbox Garry's Mod, created by YouTuber Malcolm9762.

Solgineer consists of half Soldier, half Engineer. Solgineer is referred to in the third person as "they", for Solgineer is made of two sentient beings, the RED Soldier and Engineer. They were apparently created in a freak teleporting accident when the RED Engineer was working on a teleporter exit when the RED Soldier used the teleporter entrance connecting to where the Engineer was working. Engineer was unfortunately standing on top of the exit when Soldier came through, and when Soldier rematerialized, their bodies were fused together, creating Solgineer. Some Australium residue from the teleporter was trapped inside of them, giving Solgineer their current powers.

Solgineer is usually a well-dispositioned character, unless someone directly confronts or threatens them. In a way, they are like Weaselcake and Knifehand, abiding to reason and attacking only those who annoy or assault without reason. When introducing themselves, Solgineer uses their catchphrase: "We are a mistake of nature. We are Solgineer!"

Solgineer, like other GMod monsters and characters, has a musical theme that plays in their presence.


Solgineer has only a few unique abilities at their disposal, but are rather unique, making them one of the more powerful TF2-based memes on the web.

  • Solgineer can self-teleport at will.
  • Solgineer's signature move is to erect a "cocket". The Engineer half first says "Erectin'-", finished by the Soldier half's enthusiastic "Rocket!". Altogether, it sounds like "Erectin' Rocket!"; when they finish the phrase, a rocket comes out of their crotch, and both halves make a humping motion in the air, thus launching the "cocket". Cockets have a much larger blast radius than standard TF2 rockets and leave a considerably large scorch mark. Whatever or whoever is in that blast radius is either gibbed or vaporized, for the cocket is equivalent to approximately 4 pounds of C4.
  • Solgineer can telefrag an enemy, thus exploding the offender.
  • Solgineer has incredible strength, comparable to Heavydile's.
  • They can also make buildings that combine the concepts of as much as two other buildings, for example, a "Dispentry", a Dispenser mixed with a Sentry Gun.

Notable VideosEdit

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