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Sodeanator is an Unknown GMod Monster created by AnimaL, a YouTube user who has since closed their account. The only known videos of him at this time is one by TheInvertedShadow, who only created the first video to get Sodeanator's creator to stop pestering him about making it, and the rest of them he's shown as an antagonistic figure out to kill him. Shadow has since taken in Sodeanator as his own character following AnimaL's all-but-complete disappearance. However, AnimaL returns as AllAmericanDefender to get back at him.

He appears as a RED Soldier with the Dangersque,Too?,the Killer's Kabuto and the Heavy's Football Helmet,both colored RED.


All of Sodeanator's traits, at least his original ones, are unknown - his abilities, his weaknesses, his monster relations - The only thing known about him is his semi-robotic voice, his appearance and his soda motive. As of Shadow's taking him in, however, some solid information has started to become apparent.

Sodeanator's primary means of attack is physical, and like most Monsters his physical ability is greater than that of men. He can also shoot Bonk! cans of varying colors and effects.

  • RED non-Übered cans cause big knock back on hit.
  • BLU non-Übered cans deflect energy attacks.
  • PRL non-Übered cans divert bullets.
  • RED Übered cans set what they impact with on fire.
  • BLU Übered cans freeze what they impact with.


Chances are, due to his reception, that whatever he once was, he is now but a caricature, a Monster whose abilities are so debilitatingly weak or even self-destructive that he is nigh purposeless, having no true place in reality. There's hope for him yet now that he's in the hands of someone else, but there's a long road before him.

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