The Sniper with his hat, and his beloved Rifle.

The Sniper is the eighth Team Fortress 2 Class and is, together with the Medic and the Spy, one of the Supporters.


The Role of the Sniper in the Team Fortress 2 team is Support. With the longest range in the game, he can zoom in with his Sniper Rifle and charge the shot to kill tough enemies like Soldiers, Heavies, Medics or even a Sentry-wielding Engineer out of an incredible range.

Shot ChargingEdit

A so called Quickscope which hits the Body only deals 50 points of damage to the target, a fully-charged shot deals the tripled damage of a non-charged one. Also, headshots deal criticals which triple the damage again. 50x9 is 450 Damage and 450 HP is the maximum of reachable HP in a normal game without server-specific plugins or a different loadout. A Heavy Overhealed by a Medic can have 450 HP, and the fully charged headshots can still kill them.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Aside from his sniping skills, Sniper uses melee weapons to kill Spies. He tells to a victim he sees that he has a touching story. When Sniper says once upon a time, he screams and made his head or the victim's head explodes. He then says the end.


The Sniper can kill anything if his teammates watch his back, but he is also very vulnerable; mostly Spies who backstab him and Scouts who run to him, shooting him 2 times with Scatterguns and then running away. But if he really is surprised and doesn't act fast enough, he will be dead to anyone who surprises him, and in Meet the Sniper, he said something about a mental sickness meaning he may suffer from one. He simply defines the difference between a crazed gunman and an assassin. "One bein' a job, the other's a mental sickness!" If you can't guess which one he's implying HE is, then you need to get off of the internet so the real world can teach you about life.



The Sniper is one of the two people who wants to kill President Heavy. The other is Coach.

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