Snipe is a rogue RED Sniper who had lost his parents to Painis Cupcake. He wears an Anger mask to show his hatred for all Monsters. He used to be Christian Brutal Sniper's equal if not his superior, but following his death at the hands of Nuclear Scout and through his revival at the hands of an unknown Player, he found himself substantially weakened. He is still capable of taking on other Monsters but was impaired in doing so, with most of his power and abilities taken from him by Death. As an extra lot of humiliation during the revival process, Death cursed Snipe by making him immortal but with the ability to still feel pain. This makes it so he can take a lot of punishment and will always stand back up for more, as much as he wishes he wouldn't.

Snipe in his usual state from a video.

In an alternate timeline, he took on Fadkiller and brutally defeated her(ironically), telling her "I will be the one to kill them all" before finishing her off.

Canonically, however, he did the same thing, but failed to defeat Fadkiller who, in an odd-for-her act of "mercy", left him for dead instead of killing him directly. He eventually died at the hands of Nuclear Scout not a week later (Snipe is seemingly an extremely high priority target to him, being referred to as "DAT FRIGGIN SNIPE"), but an unknown Player took pity on him and brought him back, promising to return him to his former power after proving he didn't need it to survive among Monsters. He left him with a single weapon and sent him forth to continue his mission, whatever it was in the first place.

He draws a few parallels to Captain Demoman in that he resurrects when killed, is usually killed at least once in every video he appears in and shows suicidal overconfidence in his own abilities. But at least for Snipe some of this self-confidence is justified because unlike Captain Demoman, he is occasionally successful now and again.

He was created by YouTube user The_sniper21

Kills: A BLU Scout

Assists: Mafia Scout

Deaths: 7


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