The Smoker is one of the antagonists of the Left 4 Dead franchise. He is one of the Special Infected, and is named a Smoker because of his occasional smoking. He has the ability to use his long tongue for catching Survivors.


The Boomer is best friends with the Smoker. They can discuss about how to hang out during Gmod and watch videos together. The Smoker is usually the Boomer's only friend who can help him in his revenge on the Survivors, such as by pushing him off a cliff and catching him including pulling the Survivors so the Boomer can bile them as payback.

The Hunter is also friends with him. The Smoker often pays him medkits after delivering dead bodies. They too hang out, but more on places like restaurants and cafés. When Smoker is about to kill Zoey, Hunter steals his kill. The Smoker kills him with a shotgun as revenge.

The Spitter is the Smoker's love interest. They can go to the movie, make things explode and kill survivors.


Bill is the rival of the Smoker. They both smoke and hate each other for this. When Smoker goes to the Smoker competition. He smokes so fast that Bill dies by smoking. The Smoker is the winner of the competition.

Louis may be a friend or foe to him, as he gives the Smoker some pills.

Francis is another rival of the Smoker. The biker guy once asked for a pen to write a number of For Lease. The Smoker has a pen and stuck it into the Survivor's eye, however.


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