The Shade Assasins, sometimes known as the Shades are a group of unknown mercs, that are run by an unknown organization. Their mission is to kill or capture all TF2 Freaks regardless of alignment. They appeared in Karma Soldier: Encounter With the Shades and Shades Showdown. Their first appearance is unknown at the time, but they were not first created by honorcrocketts.

They are hired to kill all the monsters the Demonic Man has made.


There are 4 Shades in the Karma Soldier Series:


The Jackel




Blade has no power, only a pistol, 2 combat knifes, and a 3 Run Blades.

The Jackel has a Grenade Luncher that shoot flashbang grenades, he also has the DNA of a beast that can mix with his and turn him into one.

Quake has Fists of Steel and a Para Rifle, when he hits his fist on the ground he causes an earthquake.

Rusty:  An Engineer that has a replacement arm, and builds robots to protect the Shades and help them.


Blade's most common weakness is his own blade getting stabbed in his chest.

The Jackel's weakness is when as a beast, he is attracted by meat.

Quake does not seem to have a weakness, unless he is outnumbered.

Rusty's weakness is when he loses control of the robots and they turn on him.


Karma Soldier:

At first they thank Karma for saving Blade, but when they find out he has magic powers they think he is with the Demonic Man or don't belive in Gods and Karma-like powers.

Private Funnyman:

They hate Private Funnyman as much as Karma because he aids him.

Green Team AKA Karma's group:

The Shades hate every thing about Karma and his team.

The Sees:

Rusty hates Seeman and his group because they broke into their base and were listening to music, which angered Rusty because they were in the Shade's base.  He turns the See Sniper into ice and the Vagineer, See and Seeman leave when the base alarm go off. They don't leave without taking the now frozen See Sniper's body.

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