"This map ain't big enough for the two of us!"
Samurai Scout confronting Goofball Scout

Villain Run was a ongoing series, created by YouTube user Eltorro64rus.


Antagionist - Samurai Scout
Protagionist - Goofball Scout Sasha-Heavy
Villains - Snynerrp Invincible Nightmare† Wizard-Soldier
Heroes - Lightning Spy†


Starting, Goofball Scout and Samurai Scout encounter each other. Goofball Scout randomly falls. Leading to Invincible Nightmare's dispenser destroyed. Invincible Nightmare turns into a Toolbox. Goofball Scout notices Samurai Scout running away. As this aventure begins, Goofball Scout chases Samurai Scout through events. Such as when he encounters Lightning Spy and LS destroys the bucket on Goofball Scouts head. The Unknown Soldier appearing and calling Goofball Scout's name. The Soldier brings back Goofball Scout's hat. He begins to disturbingly take out a hat out of Invincible Nightmares mouth. Goofball Scout leaves with the Soldier paralyzed. Goofball Scout encounters Snynerrp. Snynerrp shot a arrow at Goofball Scout but dodged easily, Then Sasha Heavy comes in complaining his tree has fallen. Snynerrp blames it on Goofball Scout leaving Sasha Heavy to destroy it. Accidently the Tree has fallen on Snynerrp but after the video ended he managed to survive. After Goofball Scout escapes Sasha Heavy. He teleports to Samurai Scout's palace. The Scouts battle but Samurai Scout being killed by Goofball Scout. Goofball Scout somehow granted the powers from Samurai Scout and becoming a Dragonborn.

Notable VideosEdit

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