Overview Edit

Semi-Serious Roleplay is a Roleplay style often found in the DarkRP gamemode. It has been argued and debated what Semi Serious RP actually is and it can be argued to be many things. The general idea of Semi Serious is to be focused job based rather than serious RP character development. This means that as the game advances you will adapt to the situation rather than develop your character with said situation. This means that real life motivations and virtual ones can be applied in game for use in the game.

Misconceptions Edit

it is often speculated that due to the name and it not being fully serious you will not be able to apply real world logic towards this, however this is untrue although server rules must help be a key factor in how this is translated to game play. Standard DarkRP rules will often be present on DarkRP and ZombieRP servers as the two modes are often considered to be semi serious.

Problems Edit

As stated previously problems will arise as real life scenarios are very opinionated and we can only speculate what we would do in a life threatening situation compared to what we would do in real life so it is generally up to server admins with the assistance of rules such as the FearRP rules to decide what is acceptable and what is not in terms of real life situation and in game application.

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