Seat Weaponiser II is a rework of the original Seat Weaponiser to be simpler, easier to use, and more compatible than before. This addon allows you to use any weapon in any open-seated vehicle, including most non-vanilla vehicles.

TO USE: 1. You can simply double-tap the Context Menu key (Default C) or 2. Bind a key to "weaponseats_toggle" in your console.

NOTES: -I'll say this again, you can't use this addon in ACF seats, nor can you use it in the default Jeep and Airboat. Your guns need a vehicle that doesn't have anything blocking the driver in order to work with this addon. -I haven't tested this with WAC or any other vehicle mods besides default and SCars but it should work with any vehicle addon now. -Due to the way Sit Anywhere works, you have to have seat weapons activated before you sit on a ledge. Also, if you use the "Damage players in seats" addon, people sitting on ledges will be invincible due to the way it was coded. -You don't have to uninstall the old version because this new version will disable it, but I still reccommend that you do in order to avoid any problems.

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